"Only 5 percent of women have the type of body we see on billboards and in TV commercials. The "Expose" project wants you to see the remaining 95 percent.” (Huffington Post Article)

Tell me something.

When was the last time you opened up your browser and saw a beautiful image of a body shape that looked just like yours?

When was the last time you saw an image of skin markings that looked just like yours?

When was the last time you saw an image of breasts that looked just like yours? An ass that looked just like yours? Scars that looked just like yours? A belly that looked just like yours? 

Loved this!

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New fitness tracker?

I’m looking forward to buying a new fitness tracker and want some input! What is your preference?

I follow many inspiring people. I used to know what it was like to be inspiring. My name says it all. I was at zero and I was inspired to do a Tough Mudder. Well - I did it and then collapsed. I went from zerotomudder to muddertozero. I know why and I know how to come back. Tonight marks a turning point for me. I love the people I follow and love their adventures. Someday soon I hope they see me as an inspiration. Props to ALL the tumbler peeps I love. You have all kept me holding onto the tiny thread of my success/journey. For that I am thankful.


Poppy Seed Chicken Fruit Salad Lettuce Wraps - Chicken, strawberries, mangoes, cucumbers & avocado chilled in sweet, tangy poppy seed dressing topped with macadamia nuts…RECIPE

Toooooo yummy!

French school lunches show how to teach kids healthy eating habits

I love this article - especially this quote….

“How you eat is as important as what you eat,” she says. “Sitting down to eat at a table that has been properly set, eating slowly, focusing on the food and its taste is key in enjoying food and letting it fuel your body properly.”

From as long as I can remember - my lunch time and my kids lunch time has been limited to 25 minutes or less… My kids had approx. 20 minutes in high school to scarf down their meal - and let me just say this - that is not enough time!


Backbends are my absolute favorite type of yoga posture so I’m pretty stoked to share 7 of my favorites with y’all this week. I’ll post a photo of myself in the daily pose tomorrow, but in the mean time: 1. Follow me, @yoga_davina & our lovely sponsors (@yogiblissbox, @buddha_pants, & @invertyoselfclothing) on instagram. 2. Post a pic of yourself in the pose of the day- check @yoga_davina & I for daily pose updates. Tag us & hashtag #sizedoesntmatter. 3. At the end of the month we’ll select a few of you to receive goodies from our generous sponsors- don’t forget to tag all your pictures w/ #sizedoesntmatter!

47 years old today! Got some great scrappy things cuz that floats my boat - my wonderful parents who are on a 2 month RV trip sent me a cute pic… And oh - I love the way paper smells… Not just any paper - scrappy paper!

Here’s to a scrappy great year!


Training for a Tough Mudder